Adhwana Centre for Sustainable Development
About Us
About Us
Bringing about real change where it matters the most

Who we are

ADHWANA is a non-governmental, non-profit-making development organization committed to the integrated and sustainable development of human beings and conservation of nature, striving to widen its perspectives, in tune with the demands of time.

What we do

ADHWANA works passionately to ensure a social order by promoting justice, equality, and freedom. We focus on sustainable development and economic empowerment through skill development and knowledge building.

We organize and conduct capacity building exercises for the development practitioners associated with NGOs in Kerala.

We manage interventions in the areas of training, participatory planning, community development, researches and studies, monitoring and evaluation.

We promote livelihood through vocational training for employment and self-employment, enterprise development, linkages building, handholding for the school dropout youth.

We focus on environment conservation and gender mainstreaming.

We extend our purview to other deserving target groups and communities like Dalits, small farmers, fish workers, students, youth, children, migrants and the general public.

We have implemented, over the last 18 years, several village-based programs and projects reaching out to the marginalized communities.

What we believe in

Humans are more than their challenges, communities and education.
Humans are more than their challenges, communities and education.

We all deserve dignified opportunities to rebuild our lives and career.

Lack of education shouldn’t prevent you from easy access to legal aid.

Development shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment.

Lack of funds doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to sanitisation.

Being from a marginalized community doesn’t mean your voice should go unheard.

How we do it

Adhwana is actively attaining its goals by supporting individuals, organizations and communities to find out their strengths and potentials. We help them achieve their personal, institutional and community goals.

Our programs encompass:

Sustainable Livelihood

by helping build skills and entrepreneurship qualities, linkages and handholding initiatives.

Environment Conservation

with special reference to coastal and ocean literacy, waste management, promotion of medicinal plants, organic farming, energy conservation, etc.

Gender Mainstreaming

through Leadership Training programs, Legal Aid and rights awareness, gender issues, strengthening of Dalit Swabhiman Samithies (DSSs) and Self Help Groups (SHGs).

Community Health and Sanitation

through awareness programs, construction of sanitary latrines, water conservation, air pollution, biodiversity conservation, waste management and campaign against plastics.


by promotion of school education, career guidance, distribution of note books and uniforms and facilitation of access to benefits and rights from the Government Schemes.

Land and Housing

by providing situation analysis of land ownership issues and linkages built with Government offices and schemes.

Safe Migration

through training and linkages building among inter-state and international migrants.

Disaster Management

by volunteer preparedness, relief programs, reconstruction and development.

Target Groups and Region of Operation

We target marginalized groups and communities including Dalits, small farmers, fish-workers and tribal communities.

We are committed to care for the bed-ridden, the destitute, the widows, the physically and mentally challenged, and those who have no body to care for.

We can operate all over India. Interventions have been initiated in various districts of Kerala and Mahe District of Pondicherry State.

Legal Status

Society Registration

Registered under The Societies (Registration) Act XXI of 1860 as No. 20/2002 dt 09.01.2002

Income Tax 12A

Income Tax Act 1961 u/s 12A as No.C.No.Tech.27/12A/14/CIT/CLT/2005-06 dt 30-12-2005

Income Tax 80G

Income Tax Act 1961 u/s 80G as No.AABT4892R/09/15-16/T-0079/80G dt 09-12-2015




FCRA as No. 52880159 dt 29/04/2016 valid upto 30/10/2021

NITI Aayog

NITI Aayog - KL/2009/0007919